Theme parks in the Netherlands

Pretparken en attractieparken in Nederland

Next to sightseeing and the many events organized for a fun day out in the Netherlands, also the many theme parks in the Netherlands are fun to visit on a day out. Here's an overview of the many theme parks found in the Netherlands.

And whether you prefer high speed thrills or water parks, near Groningen, Utrecht or Eindhoven, there is really an abundance of options.

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Theme parks in the Netherlands - Drenthe

From mini golf to bumper cars, pirate ships to haunted houses, theme parks in Drenthe are sure to turn your day out into an exciting adventure.


Theme park Drouwenerzand Indoor jungle gym, playing indoors at the park, a pirate ship and bumper cars. And those are only a few of the rides you'll enjoy at the theme park Drouwenerzand in Drouwen. Worth noting is that it's the cheapest theme park in Europe. Within the [...] Continue reading about Drouwenerzand.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - Flevoland

Even with only a single theme park, Flevoland is still a recommended destination for your day out as the theme park in question is Walibi Holland!

Walibi Holland

Theme park Walibi Holland One of the larger and popular theme parks in the Netherlands is Walibi Holland. Rides like the Rio Grande and the roller coaster Robin Hood for the whole family are only the first examples of the extensiver offering. Curious about what G forces are? The [...] Continue reading about Walibi Holland.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - Friesland

No need to leave the province of Friesland in search of spectacular rides. Discover the theme parks that house some of the most thrilling rides below.

Duinen Zathe

Theme park Duinen Zathe All the way up in the north of the Netherlands, near Appelscha, you find the theme park Duinen Zathe, a great place for a fun day out in the province of Friesland. With a haunted house, roller coasters and a water slide and really anything [...] Continue reading about Duinen Zathe.


Theme park Sybrandy's Another theme park in Friesland is Sybrandys. A fun park for kids between the age 3 and 13 with a diverse offering of rides to entertain them on their day out. The Wave Rider, Comet and boat jumping ramp are definitely rides for those looking [...] Continue reading about Sybrandys.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - Gelderland

Also in Gelderland there’s no shortage of fun theme parks to spend your day, whether it’s with kids or friends!


Theme park Dolfinarium Animal lovers will definitely enjoy theme park Dolfinarium. The many exciting shows at the largest marine mammal park in Europe, including dolphins, walruses and sea lions have been a source of entertainment for many kids and their parents for years. You're invited to enter the [...] Continue reading about Dolfinarium.

Koningin Juliana Toren

Theme park Koningin Juliana Toren As many rides as possible? Head over to the theme park Koningin Juliana Toren! With no less than 59 rides scattered across the park map, the main challenge will be to decide where to begin your adventure. Perhaps it's an idea to first jump on [...] Continue reading about Koningin Juliana Toren.


Theme park Tivoli One of the most fun theme parks for kids between the age 2 and 12 is theme park Tivoli, near Nijmegen (Berg en Dal). A roller coaster, a haunted house, a mini Ferris wheel and more are a guarantee for a fun day out. Next [...] Continue reading about Tivoli.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - Limburg

Out for a day of thrills or discovering nature? The unique theme parks in Limburg (near Maastricht) welcome you to the experience.

Mondo Verde

Theme park Mondo Verde In Landgraaf in the province Limburg is where you find the theme park Mondo Verde. Next to rides, this park even offers a zoo, dino fauna and world gardens. You name it! Do you prefer the bumper cars or a walk through Japanese gardens to [...] Continue reading about Mondo Verde.


Theme park Toverland To begin with you'll discover the Fenix in Toverland, a roller coaster that speeds down the 40 meter high hill at 95 kilometers per hour. The Booster Bike in theme park Toverland (Magic Land) doesn't just sound cool, this wild roller coaster is cool! On [...] Continue reading about Toverland.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - North Brabant

By far the most well known theme park in the Netherlands has to be De Efteling in Kaatsheuvel (near Den Bosch).

Efteling Theme Park

Efteling Theme Park in Kaatsheuvel If you haven't heard of it yet, the Efteling Theme Park is worth discovering! The theme park in Kaatsheuvel is where you find, among others, De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman) water coaster that has been welcoming a screaming audience for years and Droomvlucht (Dream [...] Continue reading about Efteling Theme Park.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - North Holland

Let the fairy tales fill you with wonder in the magical Sprookjeswonderland.


Theme park Sprookjeswonderland Come and explore the theme park Sprookjeswonderland (Fairy Tale Wonderland) for a magical experience. The castle Violinde just begs to be climbed and the performances about the little princess Violinde is sure to bring a smile to your little one's face! At theme park Sprookjeswonderland [...] Continue reading about Sprookjeswonderland.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - Overijssel

Who said that the east of the Netherlands is less adventurous, has obviously not been to the theme parks Slagharen and Hellendoorn!

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Theme park Avonturenpark Hellendoorn From the smallest rides to the most brilliant ones, you and your whole family are sure to enjoy the diversity at Avonturenpark (Adventure Park) Hellendoorn! The more than 30 rides should be plenty to keep your busy on your day out, right? Roller coasters, water [...] Continue reading about Avonturenpark Hellendoorn.

Theme park Slagharen

Theme park Slagharen For a free fall and a super glide you're at the right place in the theme park Slagharen. And to be honest, there's very little you can't do here. Driving, sailing, spinning, gliding, floating and swimming. Which do you prefer? For years now, both for [...] Continue reading about Theme park Slagharen.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - South Holland

Nosedives, bumper boats, slides and more spectacle can be found in the province South Holland (near and in The Hague).


Theme park Duinrell At the theme park Duinrell, the Tikibad is the ultimate place for endless water fun. Did you know you can experience a dive with speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour in the Falcon? Or why don't you try the challenge of the climbing [...] Continue reading about Duinrell.

Family theme park Drievliet

Family theme park Drievliet Also the family theme park Drievliet belong on the list of must-visits in The Hague. With a special roller coaster, the X-Car Launch Coaster, slides, Jungle River and a lot more thrill rides that are guaranteed to make you scream. The rail track El Loco [...] Continue reading about Family theme park Drievliet.

Theme parks in the Netherlands - Zeeland

As the name of the province already says (Sea Land), you’ll find theme parks her involving water, from pirates to animal shows.

Het Arsenaal

Theme park Het Arsenaal The ultimate ocean experience for your kids has to be the theme park Het Arsenaal (The Arsenal) in Vlissingen. Including Piratenhol (Pirate Layer), ship simulator, pirate mission and a basin to actually touch the fish! Curious to learn what sharks and stingrays feel like? Here's [...] Continue reading about Het Arsenaal.

Neeltje Jans

Theme park Deltapark Neeltje Jans Discover life in the sea in theme park Deltapark Neeltje Jans in the Vrouwenpolder. From seals to sea lions, sharks to stingrays are on display. Want to feel like a fish in the water yourself? Slide down on of the many slides at the water [...] Continue reading about Neeltje Jans.