Nearby Amsterdam

Except for Haarlem, there are plenty of other sights to visit and things to do in the vicinity of Amsterdam. Go spot airplanes at Schiphol, visit the beach in Zandvoort or admire the windmills at the Zaanse Schans, it’s up to you!

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam While you've possibly passed through Schiphol on your way in, there is more to do there than boarding and picking up your luggage. For instance there is Schiphol Plaza where you can enjoy your Starbucks coffee while seeing the busy passengers from and to the [...] Continue reading about Schiphol Airport.

Zaanse Schans windmills

Zaanse Schans windmills At the Zaanse Schans there are many windmills with each its specific function. From sawing wood to milling flour, milling oil seeds to paint. The mustard and spices mill the Huisman (Houseman) offers a glimpse into the past of the Zaanse mustard (mustard from the [...] Continue reading about Zaanse Schans windmills.


Zandvoort a.k.a. Amsterdam beach. At thirty minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station lies the beach at Zandvoort! The train goes twice an hour (more often from Haarlem) and brings you straight to the beach within half an hour. While the Netherlands is not famous for its weather, on [...] Continue reading about Zandvoort.