Sightseeing Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam city centerThe Amsterdam city centre is a melting pot of architecture, entertainment, history and art. A daytrip into town, a weekend of exploring, actually you hardly even have to go beyond the limits of the city centre. There’s a lot to do.

Whether you prefer the shopping streets, the many squares or to take a guided tour through the Red Light District (‘de Wallen‘ in Dutch, referring to the embankments that were used to create the area) you’ll enjoy Amsterdam. That it’s worth a visit becomes evident from the millions of visitors the Dutch capital gets each year. Both foreign and Dutch.

Amsterdam Arena

Touring Amsterdam? Visit the Amsterdam Arena The Amsterdam Arena is known for more than just soccer matches. Major concerts, great parties and more are definitely also being organized there. Opened in 1996 by Queen Beatrix, it's the largest stadium in the country with more than 50,000 seats. And did you know [...] Continue reading about Amsterdam Arena.

Amsterdam Tower

Enjoy the view of the city from the Amsterdam Tower The Amsterdam Tower is a unique new sight to see when visiting Amsterdam! Come and enjoy the panorama bar and restaurant on the 20th floor, a spinning restaurant on the 19th floor and the members club on the 18th floor! This tower behind the Central [...] Continue reading about Amsterdam Tower.


Discover peace and quiet in the Begijnhof in Amsterdam This courtyard, of which the history goes back to the 14th century, should definitely be on your must-see list when visiting Amsterdam. With its entrance at the Spui, you'll immediately feel immersed by peace and quite in the middle of this vibrant city. Way back [...] Continue reading about Begijnhof.

Canals of Amsterdam

Enjoy the sight of the canals all through Amsterdam Dug in the 17th century, the canals of Amsterdam can be called world famous without any doubt. For millions of tourists that visit the Dutch capital it's a popular way to explore the city and it's no surprise then that tour boats, water bikes and [...] Continue reading about Canals of Amsterdam.

Dam Square

Dam square at the heart of Amsterdam It's impossible to miss when you walk into the city center from the Amsterdam Central Station and just walk straight on, Dam Square! Obviously popular among many tourists and a variety of street artists, ranging from musicians to live statues. Really, there's not a moment [...] Continue reading about Dam Square.

Madame Tussauds

Meet celebrities in Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam Despite it sometimes being a bit busy to bring the youngest kids along, most have a great time exploring the many personalities immortalized in the wax statues in Madame Tussauds. Admittedly, standing next to Obama or Van Gogh is really quite a unique experience. Walk [...] Continue reading about Madame Tussauds.

Nieuwe Kerk

The Nieuwe Kerk is another must see in Amsterdam Centrally located at the Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) is a much visited sight where you find both history represented in its decorative interior and modern day exhibitions. Since 1408 the church has served a variety of purposes and that tradition [...] Continue reading about Nieuwe Kerk.

Red Light District

Explore the unique Red Light District in Amsterdam The Red Light District in Amsterdam generally needs little introduction for tourists coming to explore Amsterdam. Who hasn't heard of the streets lit with red lights where you pass by prostitutes offering there services, erotic stores and theaters. Even a quick trip is really a [...] Continue reading about Red Light District.