A day out in Den Bosch? 11 local things to do in Den Bosch

Wat te doen in Den Bosch

Things to do in Den Bosch on a day outHistorically speaking Den Bosch has been one of the most important cities in the south of the Netherlands. From religious to political history. The great thing is that you still stumble upon this history during your visit to the city.

From the St. John's Cathedral, surrounded by many classical houses and the small streets where you find shops and restaurants, till the Binnendieze that is a river nowadays. But used to be the sewer of Den Bosch. A trip to Den Bosch should definitely be in your list of things to do while visiting the Netherlands.

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Sightseeing in Den Bosch city center

The Moriaan in Den Bosch, definitely a sight to seeSome 50 miles southeast of Amsterdam we find Den Bosch, known for its pastry, the Bosche Bol (Den Bosch ball), and for the popular carnaval festivities each year.

Walking through the city centre of the capital of North Brabant, you’re surrounded on all sides by classical buildings from the city hall till the Moriaan. The latter being the oldest brick house in the Netherlands. Another thing you’ll definitely notice is the typical Brabant hospitality when visiting the one bars and restaurants.

Have a Bosch ball. According to experts you get the best ones at the bakery Jan de Groot.


Discover Den Bosch from the Binnendieze canals The Binnendieze, a former sewer that ran through the city of Den Bosch, has been reconstructed in memory of the past and made accessible to visitors. Turning it into a unique way to discover the city from the water. One of the things you'll notice [...] Continue reading about Binnendieze.

Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot

Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot Visiting Den Bosch? Then you really can't miss the Bossche Bol, also called chocolate ball or sjeklade bol. The ultimate regional dish that according to the experts tastes best at the bakery Jan de Groot. The use of special Belgian Callebaut chocolate and the secret [...] Continue reading about Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot.

De Moriaan

De Moriaan in Den Bosch You'll discover a variety of historical buildings when walking through the city center of the capital of Noord-Brabant, from the city hall to De Moriaan (the oldest brick stone house in the Netherlands). De Moriaan is told to have existed since the 13th century, but [...] Continue reading about De Moriaan.


Sint-Janskathedraal (St. John's Cathedral) in Den Bosch The Sint-Janskathedraal (St. John's Cathedral) is one of the finest churches in the Netherlands. Inspiring and impressive at the same time, which will make you experience a moment of quiet in the lively Den Bosch. The high Gothic building is located at De Parade, a [...] Continue reading about Sint-Janskathedraal.

Den Bosch hotspots from De Parade to the Markt

In every city the squares are the place where both the shopping and the nightlife audience come together to enjoy a terrace and to explore the surrounding streets. It’s no different in Den Bosch, so quickly discover where to lay back and relax during your city trip.


Markt Den Bosch For shopping fans who want more than just going in and out of stores, every Wednesday there's a week market on the Markt in Den Bosch. Enjoy a Bossche Bol and the majestic buildings surrounding the Markt whil you determine what bargain you'll be going [...] Continue reading about Markt.


Enjoy terraces at the Parade in Den Bosch The Parade in Den Bosch is a square littered with chestnut trees and surrounded by cozy bars and among others the Sint-Janskathedraal. On the one hand this means it's a popular nightlife destination for the youth and on the other that during the day it's [...] Continue reading about Parade.

Museums for art lovers in Den Bosch

Also for art and history lovers there are plenty of things to do in Den Bosch. The various museums offer a snapshot of both modern art and the history of the province, Brabant, so plenty for everyone’s taste.

Noordbrabants Museum

Visit the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch The Noordbrabants Museum together with the Stedelijk Museum make up the Museum Quarter in Den Bosch. Definitely worth a visit! The fixed collection offers works that show Brabant art, history and culture and the development from back to the Romans till today. Next to that [...] Continue reading about Noordbrabants Museum.

Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum

Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum in Den Bosch A city where the annual carnival is celebrated extensively like Den Bosch can't do without a carnival museum. That's what the Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum is! No surprise that at the Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum you find anything from masks to clothing and explanations of carnival rites that where [...] Continue reading about Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum.

Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch

Find contemporary art and design at the Stedelijk Museum For contemporary art and design you visit the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch, which together with the Noordbrabants Museum makes up the Museum Quarter. The collection contains about 5,000 ceramic works and jewelry including master pieces by, among others, Pablo Picasso. Let yourself be seduced [...] Continue reading about Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch.


Zwanenbroedershuis in Den Bosch Logically the Zwanenbroedershuis is the house of the Zwanenbroeders. But what are the Zwanenbroeders (loosely translated to Swan Brethren)? It's a society of an old brotherhood that was originally started to honor the virgin Mary, but is nowadays a brotherhood for high-ranking individuals. For example, [...] Continue reading about Zwanenbroedershuis.

Day trip from Den Bosch to Vught

Nearby Den Bosch you find the small town of Vught that’s definitely worth your time thanks to the widespread nature of the Vughtse Heide (heath of Vught) and the special sight of Kamp Vught.

Kamp Vught

Kamp Vught near Den Bosch Merely 25 minutes away from Den Bosch you can find Kamp Vught, a former SS camp in World War II. Despite not much remaining of the camp except for the ruines of a crematory, a visit still gives you the opportunity to learn about the [...] Continue reading about Kamp Vught.

Upcoming events and activities in Den Bosch

Planning a visit to Den Bosch? Below is an overview of events and activities in the coming month(s). Also the Autotron in nearby Rosmalen regularly organizes great fairs and exhibitions.


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