Museums Den Bosch

Also for art and history lovers there are plenty of things to do in Den Bosch. The various museums offer a snapshot of both modern art and the history of the province, Brabant, so plenty for everyone’s taste.


Zwanenbroedershuis in Den Bosch Logically the Zwanenbroedershuis is the house of the Zwanenbroeders. But what are the Zwanenbroeders (loosely translated to Swan Brethren)? It's a society of an old brotherhood that was originally started to honor the virgin Mary, but is nowadays a brotherhood for high-ranking individuals. For example, [...] Continue reading about Zwanenbroedershuis.

Noordbrabants Museum

Visit the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch The Noordbrabants Museum together with the Stedelijk Museum make up the Museum Quarter in Den Bosch. Definitely worth a visit! The fixed collection offers works that show Brabant art, history and culture and the development from back to the Romans till today. Next to that [...] Continue reading about Noordbrabants Museum.

Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum

Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum in Den Bosch A city where the annual carnival is celebrated extensively like Den Bosch can't do without a carnival museum. That's what the Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum is! No surprise that at the Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum you find anything from masks to clothing and explanations of carnival rites that where [...] Continue reading about Oeteldonks Gemintemuzejum.

Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch

Find contemporary art and design at the Stedelijk Museum For contemporary art and design you visit the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch, which together with the Noordbrabants Museum makes up the Museum Quarter. The collection contains about 5,000 ceramic works and jewelry including master pieces by, among others, Pablo Picasso. Let yourself be seduced [...] Continue reading about Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch.