Sightseeing Den Bosch

The Moriaan in Den Bosch, definitely a sight to seeSome 50 miles southeast of Amsterdam we find Den Bosch, known for its pastry, the Bosche Bol (Den Bosch ball), and for the popular carnaval festivities each year.

Walking through the city centre of the capital of North Brabant, you’re surrounded on all sides by classical buildings from the city hall till the Moriaan. The latter being the oldest brick house in the Netherlands. Another thing you’ll definitely notice is the typical Brabant hospitality when visiting the one bars and restaurants.

Have a Bosch ball. According to experts you get the best ones at the bakery Jan de Groot.

Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot

Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot Visiting Den Bosch? Then you really can't miss the Bossche Bol, also called chocolate ball or sjeklade bol. The ultimate regional dish that according to the experts tastes best at the bakery Jan de Groot. The use of special Belgian Callebaut chocolate and the secret [...] Continue reading about Bossche Bol at Jan de Groot.


Discover Den Bosch from the Binnendieze canals The Binnendieze, a former sewer that ran through the city of Den Bosch, has been reconstructed in memory of the past and made accessible to visitors. Turning it into a unique way to discover the city from the water. One of the things you'll notice [...] Continue reading about Binnendieze.

De Moriaan

De Moriaan in Den Bosch You'll discover a variety of historical buildings when walking through the city center of the capital of Noord-Brabant, from the city hall to De Moriaan (the oldest brick stone house in the Netherlands). De Moriaan is told to have existed since the 13th century, but [...] Continue reading about De Moriaan.


Sint-Janskathedraal (St. John's Cathedral) in Den Bosch The Sint-Janskathedraal (St. John's Cathedral) is one of the finest churches in the Netherlands. Inspiring and impressive at the same time, which will make you experience a moment of quiet in the lively Den Bosch. The high Gothic building is located at De Parade, a [...] Continue reading about Sint-Janskathedraal.