A day out in Eindhoven? 15 local things to do in Eindhoven

Wat te doen in Eindhoven

Things to do in Eindhoven on a day outNo matter what you call it, City of lights (the name it shares with Paris) or the craziest (the name it has earned by its lively carnival), a trip to Eindhoven promises to be eventful.

For those that like design and technology, but also those that like nature and history. Eindhoven is a city that has embraced the 20th century with open arms and thereby has become a symbol for design and technology in the Netherlands. Walking through the city centre you'll most certainly notice all of the modern buildings. Like for example the Evoluon conference centre shaped like a flying saucer.

Other things you'll notice are the various opportunities for shopping and to enjoy a late night on the town. Enjoy your trip to Eindhoven!

Sightseeing Squares Parks Museums Events

Sightseeing in Eindhoven city center

City center Eindhoven the Vesteda towerStart out your trip to Eindhoven at the city centre in the area of the market. It’s not for nothing that Eindhoven won the prize for Best city centre 2011 – 2013.

However, except for a nice market square Eindhoven has a lot more to offer. Like the many bars and modern shopping centres, beautiful parks and various museums.

And as if that’s not enough, the city agenda is filled with great events. Like carnival and King’s Day. But also GLOW and the Dutch Design Week are reasons for hundreds of thousands of visitors to make a trip to Eindhoven.

Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory

Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory in Eindhoven Ever since 1938, the Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory at the Stadswandelpark has made it possible for the public to enjoy the view way beyond every day life, by stargazing into the universe. Also today you're still welcome to come and enjoy a view of the [...] Continue reading about Dr. A.F. Philips Observatory.

Genneper Water Mill

Genneper Water Mill near Eindhoven The national heritage monument the Genneper Water Mill near Eindhoven is a monument that has been captured by multiple famous Dutch painters. Including Anton Pieck and Vincent van Gogh. Despite the mill not actively being used, it remains a special sight to see from up [...] Continue reading about Genneper Water Mill.

Philips Stadium

Go see the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven Where Amsterdam has the Amsterdam Arena, Eindhoven has the Philips Stadium! Founded in 1913, it can still be found at the same location (walking distance from the city center) with seating space for no less than 35,000 visitors. If you're a fan, you should definitely [...] Continue reading about Philips Stadium.

St. Catharinakerk

St. Catharinakerk in Eindhoven a sight to see! Build in the 19th century, the St. Catharinakerk (St. Catharine's Church) with two towers of no less than 73 meters can be found at the Catherinaplein in Eindhoven. Due to the damage caused by the Second World War, this monumental building has been restored with [...] Continue reading about St. Catharinakerk.

Eindhoven hotspots from the Markt to the Wilhelminaplein

Eindhoven knows a variety of squares of which the Station square and the Markt are the most well known. Visiting these on your city trip to Eindhoven is almost unavoidable.


Join the crowd on one of the terraces on the Markt in Eindhoven No matter what, visiting the Markt in Eindhoven on you trip is definitely recommended. As in every other major city, the Mark in Eindhoven is a lively location with many cozy terraces like that of De Vooruitgang. Especially on Saturday when the Lichtstadmarkt (Light City [...] Continue reading about Markt.


Stationsplein in Eindhoven, you can't miss it Immediately out of the station in Eindhoven, you walk onto the Stationsplein (Station Square). With a cinema and various bars it's a great place to plan your route of your day in Eindhoven. Will you take a right turn towards the 18 Septemberplein and the [...] Continue reading about Stationsplein.

Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven

Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven For a cosy square where you'll find plenty of terraces in the summer time, you head over to the Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven. Next to the terraces, during the weekend you furthermore run into a small scale weekly market with sustainable goods here. Characteristic for the [...] Continue reading about Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven.

An abundance of luscious green parks in Eindhoven

In Eindhoven you’ll find a quite a few city parks. Actually, of the five largest cities of the Netherlands, Eindhoven has the highest percentage green areas. We’ve listed a couple of the city parks below.

Genneper Parks

An abundance of green in the Genneper Parks in Eindhoven Genneper Parks is a nature, sports and recreation area in the south of Eindhoven. You can make, for example, a trip to the swimming pool during summer or the ice ring in the winter. In the middle of the park you also encounter the Environmental [...] Continue reading about Genneper Parks.

Henri Dunant Park

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday in the Henri Dunantpark in Eindhoven The Henri Dunant Park in the north of Eindhoven has been a welcome sight to see since 1972 and you're sure to have plenty to explore on the total of more than 50 acres. Among the activities in the city park there's Tai Chi every [...] Continue reading about Henri Dunant Park.

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark in Eindhoven The Philips de Jongh Wandelpark (Philips de Jongh Walking Park) was donated to the city by the Philips family in 1920. The park is a spacious green area that makes for great walking and relaxing. For a cup of coffee and a nice snack it [...] Continue reading about Philips de Jongh Wandelpark.


Have a stroll through the Stadswandelpark in Eindhoven In the Stadswandelpark (City walking park) in Eindhoven you can make a great walk while having something to see in the meantime. Among others, there's an extensive statue garden and heritage monuments. Also when it comes to the natural environment, you won't miss out thanks [...] Continue reading about Stadswandelpark.

On a trip down memory lane at museums in Eindhoven

From the modern history of the DAF truck brand through to the Iron Age you’ll discover in the museums in Eindhoven. Make it a fun and educational day out!

DAF Museum

Car history at your fingertips in the DAF Museum in Eindhoven Car fanatics will have a great time during a visit to the DAF Museum in Eindhoven! With more than 120 historical cars in its exhibition, the DAF Museum at the Tongelresestraat takes you by the hand throughout the history of car development. Besides the cars [...] Continue reading about DAF Museum.

Philips Museum

Learn about the history of Philips at the Philips Museum Modern life and the technological developments are found all throughout Eindhoven city, so it's no surprise that the Philips Museum at the Emmasingel is a popular sight to see in Eindhoven. This is also where you find the former headquarters of Philips. This well-known technology [...] Continue reading about Philips Museum.

PreHistoric Village

Explore history in the PreHistoric Village in Eindhoven In the PreHistoric Village (formerly the Eindhoven Museum) you're sure to learn a lot about history thanks to the inspiring and entertaining reconstructions of villages from the prehistory to the late middle ages. The PreHistoric Village lies in the recreational area the Genneper Parks, near [...] Continue reading about PreHistoric Village.

Van Abbemuseum

Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven for modern art Another popular museum in Eindhoven is the Van Abbemuseum. Designed by Abel Cahen, it hosts a variety of modern art exhibitions throughout the year. Among the master pieces of the 20th century you find among others artists like Picasso and Chagall. And just that you [...] Continue reading about Van Abbemuseum.

Upcoming events and activities in Eindhoven

Are you planning a day trip to Eindhoven? Have a look at the below events and activities scheduled the coming month(s) so that you can enjoy it even more!



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