Things to do in Groningen

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Travel to the north of the Netherlands and enjoy a trip to Groningen and the surrounding area. Groningen is a pleasant city with enough to do for example when it comes to bars and restaurants especially around the Grote Markt (Great Market).

Also the beautiful landscape is worth the experience as it gives you the impression to be far away from any populated area. However, with all the museums and a lot of history that is definitely not the case.

Thanks to the active student life (present since the initiation of the university in 1614) you can safely assume that also the nightlife in Groningen is worth it. Did you know that a quarter of the inhabitants of the city are students?

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Things to do in Groningen - Sightseeing

The city centre of Groningen is largely free of cars which makes it a nice place to explore either by foot or by bike.

Next to that the city centre has managed to hold on to its small town characteristics thanks to the many small streets, the large central market (hence the name Grote Markt, Large Market) and the cosy terraces. In case you’re bored there are obviously plenty of ways that a trip to Groningen can make your day!


Enjoy the view from the Martinitoren in Groningen Just like you can recognize Utrecht by the Domtoren, you're sure to remember Groningen by the Martinitoren. This 15th century tower is call d'Olle Grieze (Old Grey) by the inhabitants of the city, which obviously refers to the grey color. On your trip to Groningen, [...] Continue reading about Martinitoren.
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Things to do in Groningen - Squares

Markets, events and the nightlife in Groningen wouldn’t be the same without the squares that can be found in Groningen.

Grote Markt

A great place to relax, the Grote Markt in Groningen The Grote Markt is still a place where actual weekly markets are organized. From the general market on Tuesday to the non-food market on Thursday, not to mention the goods on offer in the weekend. Surrounding the Grote Markt you find a variety of bars [...] Continue reading about Grote Markt.
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Things to do in Groningen - Parks

Besides a fun city center, thanks to the small streets and nice squares, Groningen also has a lot to offer when it comes to green areas. Nicely relaxing during your trip to one of the city parks is definitely an option.


Relax in the city park Noorderplantsoen in Groningen Perhaps you've heard the name before as the Noorderplantsoen is the location of the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival that is organized in Groningen every year. The long and small city park is very well suited for this as it allows for the performances to be [...] Continue reading about Noorderplantsoen.
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Things to do in Groningen - Museums

To turn your visit to Groningen into a cultural trip, you have a number of museums at your disposal. Discover the history of Groningen, comic books and modern art.

Groninger Museum

Groninger Museum with contemporary art The building that houses the Groninger Museum in Groningen has an attractive design and modern look (existing in its current shape since 1994). Hour after hour you can enjoy a variety of exhibitions, from photography to paintings and contemporary art, fashion and design. Be sure [...] Continue reading about Groninger Museum.
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Things to do in Groningen - Nearby

Another great benefit of travelling to Groningen in the north of the Netherlands is that you’ll be surrounded by nature. Discover nearby parks and nature reserves during a relaxing field trip.


Nature park Lauwersmeer in Groningen National Park Lauwersmeer has something for every visitor of the province Groningen. With walking paths and bike paths throughout the park you can enjoy forested areas, fields of orchids and of course the water. If you wish to go on a boat tour or rather [...] Continue reading about Lauwersmeer.
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Things to do in Groningen - Events and activities

Besides all the fun and interesting things to do in Groningen, also the event calendar is worth a peek. Discover the upcoming events below.


Thursday, November 22 – Sunday, January 06


Saturday, December 01 – Sunday, December 16

Sunday, December 16

Friday, December 21 – Sunday, December 23

Tuesday, December 25 – Sunday, January 06


Saturday, January 05 – Sunday, January 06

Wednesday, January 16 – Saturday, January 19