Museums Groningen

To turn your visit to Groningen into a cultural trip, you have a number of museums at your disposal. Discover the history of Groningen, comic books and modern art.

Groninger Museum

Groninger Museum with contemporary art The building that houses the Groninger Museum in Groningen has an attractive design and modern look (existing in its current shape since 1994). Hour after hour you can enjoy a variety of exhibitions, from photography to paintings and contemporary art, fashion and design. Be sure [...] Continue reading about Groninger Museum.


Graphic ideas come to life in the GRID in Groningen The GRID in Groningen is the museum for realizing GRaphic IDeas, formarly known as the Grafisch Museum Groningen. The collection of the museum consists of a variety of interesting objects from graphic art and design. From printing presses to image setters and even a book [...] Continue reading about GRID.

Nederlands Stripmuseum

Discover comics in the Nederlands Stripmuseum in Groningen The Nederlands Stripmuseum (Dutch Comic Museum) in Groningen was opened in 2004 and welcomes everybody who loves comics, young and old. From the adventures of Donald Duck to unique Japanese comic styles are exhibited, even to the point of looking over the shoulder of a [...] Continue reading about Nederlands Stripmuseum.

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum

Discover Dutch maritime history in the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum Always wanted to know more about the history of maritime life and shipbuilding? Visit the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Northern Maritime Museum) in Groningen! What to expect? With an extensive collection of pictures, archives, ship models and parts really anything that can be related to ships and [...] Continue reading about Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum.


Discover the history of science in the Universiteitsmuseum in Groningen The Universiteitsmuseum (University Museum) in Groningen takes you through the history of the sciences with anything ranging from instruments to photos and objects that were donated to museum over time. From the history of Veterinary Medicine to Human Medicine are at display at the museum. [...] Continue reading about Universiteitsmuseum.