Sightseeing Groningen

The city centre of Groningen is largely free of cars which makes it a nice place to explore either by foot or by bike.

Next to that the city centre has managed to hold on to its small town characteristics thanks to the many small streets, the large central market (hence the name Grote Markt, Large Market) and the cosy terraces. In case you’re bored there are obviously plenty of ways that a trip to Groningen can make your day!


Enjoy the view from the Martinitoren in Groningen Just like you can recognize Utrecht by the Domtoren, you're sure to remember Groningen by the Martinitoren. This 15th century tower is call d'Olle Grieze (Old Grey) by the inhabitants of the city, which obviously refers to the grey color. On your trip to Groningen, [...] Continue reading about Martinitoren.

Hoge and Lage der A

Make a monumental walk past the Hoge and Lage der A A picturesque place in Groningen is the canal area. Especially the street Hoge der A with many historical buildings and large old boats. It seems as if time stood still here and they still unload the ships on the Hoge der A at high tide [...] Continue reading about Hoge and Lage der A.


History and shopping combined in the Korenbeurs in Groningen It's no surprise that this impressive building from 1865 is one of the Top 100 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Netherlands. Situated at the Vismarkt, the Korenbeurs (Corn Exchange) has in fact served for years as an exchange when the corn trade was flourishing [...] Continue reading about Korenbeurs.