Things to do in Maastricht

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Welcome to Maastricht, capital of the Limburg province, at the base of Mount Saint Peter! A city filled with shops, friendly bars, lively squares, old churches and inhabitants that are a little hard to understand even for other Dutch people.

Thanks to the classic atmosphere and southern mentality it's the ultimate location for Dutch people to feel like being on a holiday without having to cross the borders.

Situated by the river Maas in the hilly (adding to the sense of being abroad) province of Limburg there are definitely more than enough things to do for just one day on your trip!

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Things to do in Maastricht - Sightseeing

The area of Maastricht is where people have been living for over 20 centuries and a popular destination for day trips for more than just the endless shopping opportunities.

Also the city offers an impressive list of sights to see that take you back in time into the rich history of the city. Below you find a number of these that definitely deserve a spot on your must-see list.


Visiting the Helpoort in Maastricht The Helpoort (Hells Gate) used to be a prison and is the oldest still existing city gate in the Netherlands that to the day of today is home to an interesting historical collection. During the centuries a multitude of fortifications have been added to the [...] Continue reading about Helpoort.
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Things to do in Maastricht - Squares

Maastricht definitely owes part of its beauty to the many squares scattered across the city, both large and small. The Vrijthof being the most famous one, but there are plenty more.


Must see - the Vrijthof in Maastricht The Vrijthof is definitely the most famous square in Maastricht, where many terraces and restaurants invite you to enjoy the more frequent beautiful weather. Next to that, the Vrijthof is the location for carnivals and events like the Preuvenement (last week of August) which turns [...] Continue reading about Vrijthof.
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Things to do in Maastricht - Parks

Both around the Maas river and in the rest of the city center of Maastricht you’ll find quite a bit of green to enjoy in the city parks. A nice way to briefly relax while shopping during your trip to Maastricht.

Stadspark Maastricht

A relaxing day out in the city park in Maastricht The Stadspark (City Park) in Maastricht is a widely known area as inhabitants of the city refer to the entire green strip from the Maas river up to the Prins Bisschopsingel. Part of this large area are, among others, the Faliezusterspark, the Henri Hermanspark and [...] Continue reading about Stadspark Maastricht.
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Things to do in Maastricht - Museums

Given the rich history of the city of Maastricht, the excellent museums you’ll find there shouldn’t come as a surprise. To get an idea of what to expect, have a look at the examples below.


A trip down art history at the Bonnefantenmuseum At the Bonnefantenmuseum (name originating from the french 'bons enfants') in Maastricht you find masterpieces of both old masteres, like Rubens and Van Dyck, as contemporary art. In the presentation of the works the museum collaborates with various private collections making the variety of the [...] Continue reading about Bonnefantenmuseum.
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Things to do in Maastricht - Roermond

Every year Roermond is the heart of the Limburg street festival which offers entertainment ranging from spectacular shows in the middle of the city to solo performances in local farms.

The city center of Roermond is where you’ll also find the monumental Munster Church. In short, quite a trip to enjoy at only 30 minutes distance from Maastricht by train.


Munsterkerk in Roermond The Munsterkerk (Munster Church) is a special building that used to exist of a multitude of other buildings like seminary buildings and a tithe barn where taxes (in the shape of produce) where stored. However, when a renovation was initiated in the 19th century due [...] Continue reading about Munsterkerk.
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Things to do in Maastricht - Valkenburg

Less than fifteen minutes by train (from Maastricht) you find the oldest train station of the Netherlands in the friendly city of Valkenburg, surrounded by lots of nature.

Evidence of the rich history of Valkenburg can be found at the ruins of Valkenburg castle which goes back to the 11th century.

Castle Ruins Valkenburg

Castle Ruins Valkenburg A castle, or at least its ruins, worth visiting is castle Valkenburg that has a history going back to the 11th century. The ruins are the remains of the 3rd castle build on this location. You'll understand how impressive that is when seeing the remains [...] Continue reading about Castle Ruins Valkenburg.
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Things to do in Maastricht - Events and activities

While planning to visit Maastricht, keep an eye out for the events on the city’s event calendar. Ranging from jazz festivals to culinary highlights, they’re sure to make your trip even more worthwhile.


Friday, November 16 – Sunday, December 23


Saturday, December 01 – Wednesday, January 02

Saturday, December 01 – Monday, December 31


Thursday, January 10 – Sunday, January 13

Sunday, January 27