Parks Maastricht

Both around the Maas river and in the rest of the city center of Maastricht you’ll find quite a bit of green to enjoy in the city parks. A nice way to briefly relax while shopping during your trip to Maastricht.

Stadspark Maastricht

A relaxing day out in the city park in Maastricht The Stadspark (City Park) in Maastricht is a widely known area as inhabitants of the city refer to the entire green strip from the Maas river up to the Prins Bisschopsingel. Part of this large area are, among others, the Faliezusterspark, the Henri Hermanspark and [...] Continue reading about Stadspark Maastricht.

Hoge Fronten

Discover the Hoge Fronten in Maastricht The Hoge Fronten (High Fronts) is more a landscape than just a park, despite it being found close to the city center of Maastricht. The almost 40 acres of the protected natural monument are definitely worth exploring with the city walls that are scattered throughout [...] Continue reading about Hoge Fronten.