Sightseeing Maastricht

The area of Maastricht is where people have been living for over 20 centuries and a popular destination for day trips for more than just the endless shopping opportunities.

Also the city offers an impressive list of sights to see that take you back in time into the rich history of the city. Below you find a number of these that definitely deserve a spot on your must-see list.


Visiting the Helpoort in Maastricht The Helpoort (Hells Gate) used to be a prison and is the oldest still existing city gate in the Netherlands that to the day of today is home to an interesting historical collection. During the centuries a multitude of fortifications have been added to the [...] Continue reading about Helpoort.

Basilica of Our Dear Lady

Basilica of Our Lady, a sight to see in Maastricht At the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein (Square of Our Dear Lady) in Maastricht you find the Basilica of Our Dear Lady. This Roman style church has a turbulent history and has even served as a horse stable and a cannon forge. Walk in when your around [...] Continue reading about Basilica of Our Dear Lady.

Basilica of Saint Servatius

A trip to the Basilica of Saint Servatius Welcome to the oldest still existing church in the Netherlands, the Basilica of Saint Servatius at the Vrijthof. On this exact location there have been no less than four churches over the course of the previous centuries, with this being the last. Starting with the [...] Continue reading about Basilica of Saint Servatius.

Sint Janskerk

Sint Janskerk in Maastricht When strolling around the Vrijthof in Maastricht, be sure to visit the 80 meter high tower of the Sint Janskerk to enjoy an amazing view over the city. For sure you won't be able to miss this church from the 14th century, thanks to the [...] Continue reading about Sint Janskerk.

Sint Pietersberg

Sint Pietersberg at Maastricht What many visitors of Maastricht don't know is that there are many defense tunnels below the city that were dug underground over time. The best example of this can be viewed at the Sint Pietersberg (Mount Saint Peter, two kilometers south of the Helpoort). The [...] Continue reading about Sint Pietersberg.

Wall of Our Dear Lady

Our Lady shore in Maastricht Like the remaining gate at the Helpoort, the city walls of Maastricht provide a glimpse of the history around the 13th centry when the city got permission to build these. A great spot to have a look at the walls is around the Wall of [...] Continue reading about Wall of Our Dear Lady.