Squares Maastricht

Maastricht definitely owes part of its beauty to the many squares scattered across the city, both large and small. The Vrijthof being the most famous one, but there are plenty more.


Must see - the Vrijthof in Maastricht The Vrijthof is definitely the most famous square in Maastricht, where many terraces and restaurants invite you to enjoy the more frequent beautiful weather. Next to that, the Vrijthof is the location for carnivals and events like the Preuvenement (last week of August) which turns [...] Continue reading about Vrijthof.


Shopping and having a drink at the Markt in Maastricht Welcome to the Markt (Market Square) in Maastricht with its 17th century city hall and dozens of national heritage monuments like the various mansions that surround the square and make it a sight itself. Remarkable is the Mosae Forum on the side of the Maas [...] Continue reading about Markt.

Square of Our Dear Lady

Square of Our Dear Lady in Maastricht The Square of Our Dear Lady, named after the church at the square, has in the past been chosen as the most beautiful square of the Netherlands and today remains a sight to see while visiting Maastricht. Besides a great place to relax on one [...] Continue reading about Square of Our Dear Lady.