Landscapes & parks in the Netherlands

Explore Dutch nature on a day tripThe south of the Netherlands is where you find most of the pretty views when it comes to the country side. On the one hand a view of the sea while you’re standing in a meadow in the west. On the other hand the only hills you find in the Netherlands when visiting the eastern part. The cost of Zeeland (Sealand) and the area behind it are a sight to behold regardless of the season.

More in the direction of our eastern neighbors you find the province Limburg with of course Maastricht. It’s the only part of the country with real hills.

When you’re really looking for nature, be sure to visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park in the middle of the country nearby Utrecht. With numerous lakes and wild animals you can explore the park by foot or by bike. A surprising and interesting element in the park is the Kroller-Muller Museum with a world-renowned collection of mainly 19th and 20th century visual art.

All the way to the north of the country, in Friesland and Groningen you also find beautiful nature scenes (more flat with numerous meadows and canals) and picturesque villages. While you’re in this part of the country, consider to pay a visit to the Frisian Islands also known as the Wadden (Sea) Islands.

Admire the beauty of the green landscape, impressive achievements in water management and the small scale that allows for major achievements during one of the many options for trips throughout the Netherlands.

Landscapes & parks

The Netherlands has at least 20 national landscapes and as many national parcs of which we’ve shared a number below.

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

An endless list of things to see and do in the Veluwe Visiting the province Gelderland? Be sure to make a field trip to De Hoge Veluwe National Park. This densely forested area is a popular destination among both the Dutch and foreign tourists to spend (part of) their holidays and offers many opportunities to for activities [...] Continue reading about De Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Defence Line of Amsterdam

Defence Line of Amsterdam Next to the national landscap, the Defence Line of Amsterdam is also a national heritage monument and part of the UNESCO world heritage list. Build to serve as a defense line, the various fortresses and nature nowadays serve as a great location for a day [...] Continue reading about Defence Line of Amsterdam.

Green Heart

Enjoy a visit to the Green heart of the Randstad The Green Heart is found in the middle of the Randstad between, among others, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is an are where moors and meadows dictate the landscape. With no less than 7 regions in the Green Heart, from the Dutch lake areas to [...] Continue reading about Green Heart.


The Haringvliet nature reserve is definitely worth exploring Down between the Rhine and the Maasdelta in the province of Zeeland you discover the river branche Haringvliet, a unique nature reserve worth visiting. Why this is an important nature reserve? Among others because it's the most important passage for the salmon and the sturgeon [...] Continue reading about Haringvliet.

National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

National Park Kennemerland Zuid While visiting Zandvoort, definitely walk out to the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. After tanning on the beach, the joviality of Zandvoort and the hipster beach clubs at Bloemendaal it's a great way to relax. This hidden treasure behind the dunes has a lot to offer, like [...] Continue reading about National Park Zuid-Kennemerland.

New Dutch Water Line

Explore Dutch history along the New Dutch Water Line The New Dutch Water line is a piece of land that served as defense against invasions when the land was covered with water. No surprise then that the technique of putting the land under water as a defense against invaders worked successfully numerous times in [...] Continue reading about New Dutch Water Line.

South Limburg

Sightseeing in the South of Limburg If you like a hilly landscape with an abundance of orchards and farms, then South Limbrug is definitely one of the National Landscapes you want to put on your must see list. Whether you prefer walking, mountain biking or if you're just looking for the [...] Continue reading about South Limburg.