Nearby Rotterdam

Next to everything the city itself has to offer, you’ll also enjoy visiting nearby destinations. From the busy city life to the quiet and nature rich environment of the windmills at Kinderdijk and the Green Heart in the middle of the megalopolis called the Randstad.

Kinderdijk windmills

Discover windmills at Kinderdijk Maybe one of the strongest stereotypes that exist abroad are the many windmills that can be found in the Netherlands. Despite using them mostly to generate energy these days, it's still worth the experience to visit the windmills at the Kinderdijk. The Kinderdijk windmills are [...] Continue reading about Kinderdijk windmills.

Green Heart

Enjoy a visit to the Green heart of the Randstad The Green Heart is found in the middle of the Randstad between, among others, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is an are where moors and meadows dictate the landscape. With no less than 7 regions in the Green Heart, from the Dutch lake areas to [...] Continue reading about Green Heart.