Squares Rotterdam

Whether you’re in Rotterdam to go shopping or to discover its many sights, the bars or a terrace, you’ll stumble upon plenty of squares to have a relaxing moment.


Beursplein in Rotterdam The popularity of the Beursplein (Stock Exchange Square) can be largely explained by the dug up Koopgoot (Shopping Gutter) which offers the shopping public another floor of stores. At the street level of the square you furthermore find the larger chain stores like the Bijenkorf [...] Continue reading about Beursplein.


Binnenrotteplein in Rotterdam The Binnenrotteplein in Rotterdam is not a square in the regular sense of the word, but an open area of which the original function has been deprecated. Reason why it is in fact worth a visit, at least on Tuesday and Friday through Sunday, is [...] Continue reading about Binnenrotteplein.


Stadhuisplein in Rotterdam A popular area for nightlife in Rotterdam is the Stadhuisplein (City Hall Square) with a variety of bars and restaurants. As expected, with nice weather there's an abundance of terraces to be found. The City Hall itself is quite an impressive sight on the square, [...] Continue reading about Stadhuisplein.