Sightseeing Dutch villages

Traditional costumes in Dutch villageAnother dimension of the Netherlands makes it a great holiday destination. The short distances! Within only 2 or 3 hours you’re able to travel from east to west. From north to south takes you little over 4 hours by train.

The benefit of taking the train of course being the opportunity to have a view of the country side while in the meantime stopping at a variety of (large) cities.

The smaller cities like those around Amsterdam often offer a lot of tradition even though some of the costumes are mostly worn because they appeal to tourists.


Visit the city of Elburg with its monumental image Actually Elburg doesn't belong in the list of villages as it has had city rights since the 13th centure. The Hanseatic town it is today, has been at this location since the 14th century. At this location? Yes because the city has actually moved due [...] Continue reading about Elburg.


Giethoorn, Venice of the Netherlands One of the unique sites to see in the Netherlands is definitely the picturesque Giethoorn. For starters because of the many waterways which have earned it the nickname Dutch Venice. With a whisper boat you basically have freedom to discover the village and the surrounding [...] Continue reading about Giethoorn.


Explore the village Liempde surrounded by nature Located in the national landscape het Groene Woud (the Green Woods) you find the picturesque village of Liempde. The name originates from the Dutch word for loam that was found here in the ground. The village of Liempde already existed in the 13th century as [...] Continue reading about Liempde.


Tradition in the village of Orvelte Called a museum village in Dutch, the town of Orvelte in Drenthe takes you back in time with its classic farms, the old cars and the museums which are to be found throughout the town. Walk through the main street and left and right you'll [...] Continue reading about Orvelte.


Enjoy the unique sights at Valkenburg during your trip Both in Valkenburg itself as below it you can enjoy the unique expierence of the region's history. The century old center filled with beautiful national heritage monuments also offers the opportunity to go shopping and enjoy the southern atmosphere on one of the many terraces. [...] Continue reading about Valkenburg.


Experience the Dutch history in Volendam on your trip Home to various famous national artists, it's the excessive tourist character of the village Volendam and the many sights to see that make Volendam a fun destination for a day trip. Have your picture taken in traditional clothing, that's what a lot of the visitors [...] Continue reading about Volendam.