While Scheveningen is not separate municipality, you can ask any local, they definitely don’t feel like inhabitants of The Hague. That’s why we’ve put together a separate list of must-visits in Scheveningen during your visit to The Hague.

Scheveningen Beach

Enjoy the Scheveningen Beach For the Dutch it's a well known destination in the summer time, Scheveningen Beach! Not only is it a nice place for sunbathing or catching some fresh air, but how about horse riding, surfing, fishing and of course finding colorful shells. Done with the beach? [...] Continue reading about Scheveningen Beach.


Muzee in Scheveningen With 'zee' meaning 'sea' in Dutch, it's quickly clear what the Muzee museum is about. Everything related to living near, on and of the sear. Discover the historical Scheveningen with its thatch chairs, fishery and the fish that live in the sea. For kids there [...] Continue reading about Muzee.

Scheveningen Boulevard

Scheveningen Boulevard Next to the beach there is also the boulevard in Scheveningen and the pier where you can go for a stroll and enjoy the view of the sea on one of the many terraces available. Thanks to the abundance of stores there's also no shortage [...] Continue reading about Scheveningen Boulevard.

Sea Life

Sea Life in Scheveningen A nice tip to further discover the underwater life close to the sea is in Sea Life. Discover the sharks, starfish, crocodiles and jellyfish and let yourself be taken on a journey under water with more than four thousand animals in 45 different aquariums. Who [...] Continue reading about Sea Life.


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