Sightseeing The Hague

A nice way to discover The Hague, especially thanks to its many cultural sights, is to make a city tour through the city centre.

Whether you prefer royal highlights or the rich architecture of The Hague, the city has a lot to offer.


Binnenhof in The Hague The place where politicians regularly get interviewed as visible on the Dutch news is the Binnenhof (Inner Court) in The Hague. Definitely worth a visit during your trip to The Hague. Next to viewing the Dutch political leaders and the intricacies of the policy making, [...] Continue reading about Binnenhof.


Gevangenpoort (Prison Gate Museum) in The Hague The Gevangenpoort (Prison Gate Museum) in The Hague offers a peek into the history of the city with both the building itself and its contents. The building has existed already since the 13th century and while the original function was a gate for the of [...] Continue reading about Gevangenpoort.


Madurodam The Hague The miniature city of Madurodam can be reached in 10 minutes by taking tram 9 from the Central Station in The Hague and serves as entertainment for both adults and kids during a trip to The Hague. You see the Netherlands in a nutshell and [...] Continue reading about Madurodam.

Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag in The Hague With a height of 14.5 meters and a length of no less than 114.5 meters, the canvas painted by Mesdag at the Zeestraat in the 19th century is a unique piece of work that was opened to the public already in 1881 for the first [...] Continue reading about Panorama Mesdag.