Squares The Hague

There’s an abundance of squares in The Hague, yet these two tend to get an above average number of visitors. Discover why, right here!


Plein in The Hague With a statue of Willem van Oranje in the middle of the Plein (Square) in The Hague, it's more than a location that can be bought on the board game Monopoly (the Dutch version). Surrounded by the stately building of the De Witte society (named [...] Continue reading about Plein.

Grote Markt

Grote Markt in The Hague Among inhabitants of The Hague there's probably no square more popular than the Grote Markt (Great Market). Not so much because of the many sights to see as because of the many jovial bars that can be found there. From the bar the Zwarte Ruiter [...] Continue reading about Grote Markt.