Things to do in Utrecht

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Utrecht is the capital of the province Utrecht and 4th largest city in the Netherlands with almost 300,000 inhabitants. A city with plenty of fun things to do!

The city is known among others for the University of Utrecht, the Dom Tower and the many canals. Reasons enough for large numbers of tourists, both foreign and Dutch to come and visit.

Make a trip to the birthplace of the world famous architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld. Utrecht is also a great place to go shopping and has a busy nightlife!

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Things to do in Utrecht - Sightseeing

If there’s one city in the Netherlands that has an abundance of beautiful classic sights to see, it’s Utrecht. From the Dom Tower through to the popular canals like the Oudegracht are worth a day trip in the Dom City.


Domtoren Utrecht The Domtoren (Dom Tower) is definitely THE symbol of Utrecht as it's build on the spot where Utrecht was founded over 2000 years ago. From the top of the tower at 112 meters, you have a great view of the city of Utrecht. Next to [...] Continue reading about Domtoren.
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Things to do in Utrecht - Squares


Neude Square Utrecht The square in Utrecht where many large festivals and events are organized is the Neude. During the annual Kingsday, for example, the square is colored orange all around. Distinctive characteristics of the square are the rectangular shape that comes together in a point and the [...] Continue reading about Neude.
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Things to do in Utrecht - Parks

Done shopping and ready to relax in one of the city parks? Utrecht is the place to do so. From the green areas around the canals through to the ponds with fountains are at your disposal.


Zocherpark in Utrecht The Zocherpark is, as the name already suggests, designed by J.D. Zocher around the old city center at request by the mayor of Utrecht. With the task to turn the defense works into a park, J.D. Zocher started in 1828 with the result the current [...] Continue reading about Zocherpark.
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Things to do in Utrecht - Museums

Varying from the Railway Museum to the Central Museum, if you’re interested in history of any kind you’re sure to have a great experience. Also art lovers and Miffy fans will definitely enjoy their visit to Utrecht.

Centraal Museum

Centraal Museum in Utrecht The Centraal Museum in Utrecht really has something fro everybody. From Rietveld to miffy, abstract art to designs by Victor & Rolf, the collections are so diverse that you're sure to have enough to see during your visit. Where the internet made the viewing audience [...] Continue reading about Centraal Museum.

Rietveld Schröder House

Rietveld Schröder House in Utrecht We've already mentioned Utrecht being the birth town of Gerrit Rietveld, but did you know there is actually a Rietveld Schröder House designed by this famous Utrecht-born artist? The house from 1924 largely consists of horizontal and vertical planes and is listed on the UNESCO [...] Continue reading about Rietveld Schröder House.
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Things to do in Utrecht - Nearby

The central location of Utrecht has another benefits, besides it being easy to get to, it is surrounded on all sides by interesting sights to see. From the New Dutch Water Line to the De Haar castle and not to forget the nature reserves closeby. You’re guaranteed not to get bored exploring the sights nearby Utrecht.

De Haar Castle

De Haar Castle in Haarzuilens The De Haar Castle in Haarzuilens is worth every minute of the 45 minute trip from Utrecht Central Station. This castle is one of the best maintained ones in the Netherlands and designed by the same architect that designed the Rijksmuseum and Central Station in [...] Continue reading about De Haar Castle.

New Dutch Water Line

Explore Dutch history along the New Dutch Water Line The New Dutch Water line is a piece of land that served as defense against invasions when the land was covered with water. No surprise then that the technique of putting the land under water as a defense against invaders worked successfully numerous times in [...] Continue reading about New Dutch Water Line.
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Things to do in Utrecht - Events and activities

Film festivals, fun fairs and exhibitions fill the event calendar of Utrecht throughout the year. Find out what’s going on in Utrecht the coming months in below overview.


Friday, November 23 – Sunday, January 06


Friday, December 14 – Sunday, December 16

Friday, December 14 – Sunday, December 16

Saturday, December 15 – Sunday, December 16

Saturday, December 22 – Sunday, January 06

Friday, December 28


Thursday, January 10 – Sunday, January 13