Parks Utrecht

Done shopping and ready to relax in one of the city parks? Utrecht is the place to do so. From the green areas around the canals through to the ponds with fountains are at your disposal.


Zocherpark in Utrecht The Zocherpark is, as the name already suggests, designed by J.D. Zocher around the old city center at request by the mayor of Utrecht. With the task to turn the defense works into a park, J.D. Zocher started in 1828 with the result the current [...] Continue reading about Zocherpark.

Oude Hortus

Oude Hortus in Utrecht While on a visit in Utrecht, be sure to walk in at the Oude Hortus (Old Garden) for a unique garden. This garden from the 17th century at the Lange Nieuwstraat and the accompanying glass house complex isn't interesting just when it comes to fauna, [...] Continue reading about Oude Hortus.

Park Transwijk

Park Transwijk in Utrecht In the middle of the district Kanaleneiland (Canals Island) you find Park Transwijk where both the petting zoo Eilandsteede as the playgrounds are sure to make a success out of your trip with your kids. Cooling off during a summer afternoon is easily achieved near [...] Continue reading about Park Transwijk.


Wilhelminapark in Utrecht Designed in the 19th century, the Wilhelminpark with a surface of 25 acres is a relaxing place in east Utrecht. The English style of the city park results in a romantic environment where the fountain offers some refreshment. Especially the wide grass fields and promenade [...] Continue reading about Wilhelminapark.