Sightseeing Utrecht

If there’s one city in the Netherlands that has an abundance of beautiful classic sights to see, it’s Utrecht. From the Dom Tower through to the popular canals like the Oudegracht are worth a day trip in the Dom City.


Domtoren Utrecht The Domtoren (Dom Tower) is definitely THE symbol of Utrecht as it's build on the spot where Utrecht was founded over 2000 years ago. From the top of the tower at 112 meters, you have a great view of the city of Utrecht. Next to [...] Continue reading about Domtoren.


Domkerk in Utrecht The spot right behind the Domtoren (Dom Tower) is where you find the Domkerk (Dom Church). Built in the days of the Romans and it's the history of politics and religion which has eventually led to the building you find there today. Did you know [...] Continue reading about Domkerk.


DOMunder in Utrecht Have you been at DOMunder under the Domplein (Dom Square) yet? Despite time travel not having been invented yet, a visit to the underground center DOMunder gets you pretty close. Here you discover step by step the 2000 year history of the location between various [...] Continue reading about DOMunder.


Oudegracht Utrecht The Oudegracht (Old Canal) is really impossible to miss during your visit to Utrecht. On the one hand because of its well known name, on the other hand because it runs throughout the entire city center. As such, you encounter among others the Winkel van [...] Continue reading about Oudegracht.

Stadhuis (City Hall)

Stadhuis in Utrecht For over half a century the location of the Stadhuis (City Hall) is where the administration of the city of Utrecht has been based. The building at the Oudegracht close to the Stadhuisburg (City Hall Bridge) is recognizable by the neoclassical style of the impressive [...] Continue reading about Stadhuis (City Hall).