Things to do with kids

Uitjes met kinderen in Nederland

Things to do with kids in the NetherlandsLooking for fun things to do on a day out with kids in the Netherlands? Each of the provinces has a lot to offer! From playgrounds to run around in and zoos to explore the animal world. In addition you’ll find a lot of museums and locations for creative discovery of your kid’s talents.

Below you find the many activities for kids that are available in the Netherlands. More inspiration? Have a look at the many theme parks in the Netherlands!

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Things to do with kids - Drenthe

The province Drenthe is already a popular destination for family holidays in the Netherlands. With the many things to do for kids here, you can probably guess why.

From fairy tales to colourful playgrounds and a trip down memory lane all can be found on the menu of a family holiday in Drenthe.

Hunebedcentrum (Megalith Center)

Hunebed Centrum (Megalith Center) with kids For those that think museums are boring, they've definitely never been to the Hunebedcentrum (Megalith Center) in Borger. With 54 ruins of these grave monuments there's plenty to see. Next to the ruins, you'll find a fascinating history told by the reconstructed houses and (bolder)gardens. [...] Continue reading about Hunebedcentrum (Megalith Center).

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen with kids From Jungola to Serenga and Nortica you'll discover the unique flora and fauna brought together from all over the world. Right here in Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. From the savanna to the polar area can be explored by foot and you're sure to encounter the [...] Continue reading about Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

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Things to do with kids - Flevoland

In Flevoland your kids can discover everything about aviation and the history of this unique province that was created by draining part of the large body of water called the IJsselmeer.

Obviously, simply climbing and clambering in one of the many playgrounds is an equally fun way to spend the day out from Lelystad to Almere.


Visit Batavialand for a fun day out At Batavialand you and your kids learn everything about the drainage of the province of Flevoland. This in a very interactive way, which allows the kids to learn about the history of the area in a playful way. Being educated while having fun at the [...] Continue reading about Batavialand.

Kids Playground Ballorig

Kids Playground Ballorig If you're looking to organize a fun day out for your kids, take them to the Kids Playground Ballorig at various locations throughout the Netherlands, from all the way in the north to all the way in the south. With both an indoor and an [...] Continue reading about Kids Playground Ballorig.

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Things to do with kids - Friesland

The many lakes and the nature rich environment in the Friesland province are an integral part of the local activities for kids.

If the weather doesn’t allow for a nice outdoor trip, your kids will surely enjoy one of the indoor playgrounds.

Aqua Zoo Friesland

A day out with kids to Aqua Zoo Friesland Kids love animals! For sure the ones that look a bit odd and behave funny. In Aqua Zoo Friesland they're sure to find plenty of those, thanks to the ring-tailed lemurs, seals and penguins. Where they come from, what they eat and why they do [...] Continue reading about Aqua Zoo Friesland.

Natuurmuseum Fryslan

Kids discover nature at the Natuurmuseum Fryslan With storytelling four days a week (wed, fri, sat, sun) and a visit to the giant dragon Li-Ming in the attic, the Natuurmuseum (Nature Museum) Fryslan is a fun place to spend an afternoon with the kids. And there's more! Like the Open Atelier where [...] Continue reading about Natuurmuseum Fryslan.

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Things to do with kids - Gelderland

Gelderland quiet? Yes as long as your kids haven’t discovered these fun activities. Then their days are sure to turn out a lot more festive!

From water bikes to pirate treasures, wild animals to challenging mazes to explore are sure to get your kids excited during a day out.

Kids Playground SchatEiland Zeumeren

Kids Playground SchatEiland Zeumeren What kid doesn't dream of finding a pirate treasure, living on an uninhabited island and climbing up the mast of a pirate ship? With 5,500 square meters, SchatEiland (Treasure Island) Zeumeren is the largest adventure paradise of the country. This makes it, weather or no [...] Continue reading about Kids Playground SchatEiland Zeumeren.

Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten

A day out with kids to Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten A playground that teaches your children a lesson! About goats, bees and many other animals. That's Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten. In addition there's the mini golf, water bicycles and a cable way that invites you to slide all the way down. While you're kids explore and get [...] Continue reading about Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten.

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Things to do with kids - Groningen

Also in the Groningen province they understand very well what kind of things kids like to do.

From reading comics (and at the same time learning all about them) and sliding down exhilarating slides are only the beginning of a fun day full of kids activities.

Family Park Nienoord

Family Park Nienoord with kids A very extensive outdoor playground with slides, climbing frames and sandpits surrounded by nature in combination with an indoor and outdoor pool. For additional adventure, you head over to Expeditie Nienoord. Find your way through the maze, across bridges and stepping stones and discover what [...] Continue reading about Family Park Nienoord.

Stadspark Groningen

Stadspark Groningen Visiting Groningen during a day out and looking for a place for the kids to play around? Then the Stadspark Groningen (City Park Groningen) is a great place to go. Also for a picnic or to play with the kids in the petting zoo make [...] Continue reading about Stadspark Groningen.

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Things to do with kids - Limburg (Maastricht)

The hilly landscape in Limburg is where your kids will enjoy the many opportunities to climb and clamber around, as well as the many educational and active things to do.

From the Continium in Kerkrade to the Natuurhistorisch Museum (Natural History Museum) in Maastricht welcome you and your kids to the province. Discover all the fun things to do with kids in Limburg!

Drielandenpunt (Tripoint)

A day out with kids to the Drielandenpunt (Tripoint) The Drielandenpunt (the tripoint where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium come together) is definitely worth a visit with kids. First of all because of the experience of being in three countries at the same time. Something you just have to experience at least once. Next [...] Continue reading about Drielandenpunt (Tripoint).

Playground Fort Willem (Fortress Willem)

Hours of excitement at Playground Fort Willem A spooky garden, swimming pools, a seemingly endless number of climbing frames are only a few of the entertaining attractions at Playground Fort Willem (Fortress Willem). If you want to make sure your kids have a great day, head out to this playground in Maastricht [...] Continue reading about Playground Fort Willem (Fortress Willem).

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Things to do with kids - North Brabant (Eindhoven, Den Bosch)

There’s an abundance of fun kids activities to be found in North Brabant, from Eindhoven to Den Bosch. Ranging from playgrounds to the wild animals in the zoo guarantee a fun day out.

Remember, how much fun it was to run around? Climbing on top of basically everything around you? And literally playing with everything you ran into? Your kids are sure to experience the same in the North Brabant province.

De Ontdekfabriek (The Discovery Factory)

Kids exploring creativity at De Ontdekfabriek (The Discovery Factory) Discovery, creativity and innovation are the central theme at De Ontdekfabriek (The Discovery Factory) in Eindhoven. This is where kids can start building their own creations by themselves and, for example, learn about how children in Africa make their own toys. Next to that there's [...] Continue reading about De Ontdekfabriek (The Discovery Factory).

Zoo Parc Overloon

Explore animal life at Zoo Parc Overloon Take your kids on an exciting safari through the park or try being a zookeeper for a day or how about learning all about the love life of animals? Those are only a few of the fun experiences offered by Zoo Parc Overloon. Also you [...] Continue reading about Zoo Parc Overloon.

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Things to do with kids - North Holland (Amsterdam)

While Amsterdam and Haarlem are already known for the endless shopping opportunities and cultural highlights, there are also a lot of fun activities for kids to be found.

Besides the colorful playgrounds, quite a few of the museums offer fun and educational kids activities. From scavenger hunts to interactive exhibitions that stimulate the creative minds of your kids.

NEMO science center

Explore NEMO science center in Amsterdam Taking your kids to Nemo is an educational and fun experience they're sure to remember for a long time. The great thing about Nemo is that they organize a lot of activities that allow kids to participate, while they learn interesting things about science and [...] Continue reading about NEMO science center.

Playground Amstelpark

Visit Playground Amstelpark in Amsterdam with kids Specially for the little ones Amsterdam offers a fun playground near the city center. Enjoying fun activities surrounded by a green environment! From bumper cars to climbing frames and a petting zoo, you find all of it at the Speeltuin Amstelpark (Playground Amstelpark). With free [...] Continue reading about Playground Amstelpark.

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Things to do with kids - Overijssel

The fun thing about the east part of the Netherlands is the abundance of nature. Nature for your kids to explore and run around in!

In addition, various locations like the Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner) stimulate their creativity while they can release their energy climbing through one of the playgrounds.

Animal Park Taman Indonesia

Visit Animal Park Taman Indonesia with your kids Your kids are sure to be fascinated by the exotic zoo Taman Indonesia and its diverse animals. Bearcats, Civets, Leopard cats and many more special creatures from Asia. Also the zoo regularly organizes activities for kids, inviting them to enjoy their day out even more. [...] Continue reading about Animal Park Taman Indonesia.

Indoor Playground Kids City

Enjoy a day out at Playground Kids City Playing around in the mega playground at Kids City, three stories high with no less than 50 rides, is something your kids will definitely enjoy on a day out. Next to that the kids can jump in the Kidsbios (Kid Cinema) for a movie, go [...] Continue reading about Indoor Playground Kids City.

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Things to do with kids - South Holland (Rotterdam, The Hague)

From Rotterdam to The Hague there are plenty of things to do for kids. For sure they’ll enjoy the below kids activities for hours.

Let the kids get out their and release their energy discovering wild animals in the zoo or scavenger hunting through museums.

De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop)

A creative day out at the De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop) with your kids At De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop) in The Hague, kids (4 years and older) can get wonderfully creative thanks to the many activities and experiments being offered. From building and launching rockets to building a dam in a river, changing a tire to making candles. And [...] Continue reading about De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop).

Rotterdam Zoo

Enjoy Rotterdam Zoo on a day out with your kids Rotterdam Zoo (in Dutch: Diergaarde Blijdorp) is a great place to enjoy a day out with kids. From tigers to rhinoceros, ice bears to piranhas, a visit to the zoo is like a journey around the world in the animal kingdom. Not just the animals [...] Continue reading about Rotterdam Zoo.

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Things to do with kids - Utrecht

What fun things for kids there are in Utrecht? How about starting with the miffy museum? For many kids on of the first kids stories they are told. And now they can enjoy a museum full of it!

Besides the indoor activities, also the outdoor possibilities for climbing and clambering, running and hiding are abundant. Your kids are sure to have a fun day out!

Indoor Playground KidZcity

Kids will love Indoor Playground KidZcity in Utrecht Both kids and parents are well taken care of in Kidzcity in Utrecht. While your kids dive down the slides and discover the many rides in this 5,000 square meters playground, you can sit back and relax in the restaurant or one of the many [...] Continue reading about Indoor Playground KidZcity.

Recreation Park Het Rosarium

Recreation Park Het Rosarium Do you think your kids will have a good time with mini golf courts, trampolines and kid go kart tracks? In that case you might consider visiting the recreational park Het Rosarium. Surrounded by the rose gardens planted for the king, you'll feel royally entertained. [...] Continue reading about Recreation Park Het Rosarium.

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Things to do with kids - Zeeland

If you think of the province of Zeeland, it’s hard not to think about water. But there’s a lot more!

Like the various playgrounds, both indoor and outdoor.

Museum Terra Maris furthermore proves that educational can definitely be fun. Who doesn’t fondly remember catching all those slippery water bugs with a scoop net?

Indoor Playground Speelpaleis Bambini

Enjoy Indoor Playground Speelpaleis Bambini with your kids The most pleasure while playing, plus in a safe place? That's the set up they've picked at Speelpaleis Bambini (Play Palace Bambini), an enormous indoor playground with various play areas for different age groups. Play mats, ball pits, a climbing course and many slides ready [...] Continue reading about Indoor Playground Speelpaleis Bambini.

Mini Mundi Miniature Park

Kids are giants for a day at Mini Mundi Miniature Park It's like Madurodam… but then in the city of Middelburg! That's Miniatuur Walcheren in the Mini Mundi park. Previously situated in the city center of Middelburg, the miniature city got moved and innovated with the help of Madurodam. In addition to the miniature houses, streets [...] Continue reading about Mini Mundi Miniature Park.

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