Drenthe with kids

The province Drenthe is already a popular destination for family holidays in the Netherlands. With the many things to do for kids here, you can probably guess why.

From fairy tales to colourful playgrounds and a trip down memory lane all can be found on the menu of a family holiday in Drenthe.

Hunebedcentrum (Megalith Center)

Hunebed Centrum (Megalith Center) with kids For those that think museums are boring, they've definitely never been to the Hunebedcentrum (Megalith Center) in Borger. With 54 ruins of these grave monuments there's plenty to see. Next to the ruins, you'll find a fascinating history told by the reconstructed houses and (bolder)gardens. [...] Continue reading about Hunebedcentrum (Megalith Center).

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen with kids From Jungola to Serenga and Nortica you'll discover the unique flora and fauna brought together from all over the world. Right here in Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen. From the savanna to the polar area can be explored by foot and you're sure to encounter the [...] Continue reading about Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen.

Amusement Park Sprookjeshof

Enjoy a day out at Amusement Park Sprookjeshof with your kids From the playground to the climbing castle and both indoor and outdoor, the kids can go on an adventure in the Amusement Park Sprookjeshof (Fairy Tale Court) in Zuid-Laren. And where there are fairy tales, there is a fairy tale forest! Discover the most enchanting [...] Continue reading about Amusement Park Sprookjeshof.

Kids Playground Ballorig

Kids Playground Ballorig If you're looking to organize a fun day out for your kids, take them to the Kids Playground Ballorig at various locations throughout the Netherlands, from all the way in the north to all the way in the south. With both an indoor and an [...] Continue reading about Kids Playground Ballorig.