Groningen with kids

Also in the Groningen province they understand very well what kind of things kids like to do.

From reading comics (and at the same time learning all about them) and sliding down exhilarating slides are only the beginning of a fun day full of kids activities.

Family Park Nienoord

Family Park Nienoord with kids A very extensive outdoor playground with slides, climbing frames and sandpits surrounded by nature in combination with an indoor and outdoor pool. For additional adventure, you head over to Expeditie Nienoord. Find your way through the maze, across bridges and stepping stones and discover what [...] Continue reading about Family Park Nienoord.

Stadspark Groningen

Stadspark Groningen Visiting Groningen during a day out and looking for a place for the kids to play around? Then the Stadspark Groningen (City Park Groningen) is a great place to go. Also for a picnic or to play with the kids in the petting zoo make [...] Continue reading about Stadspark Groningen.

Fortress Bourtange

Fortress Bourtange in Groningen The great thing about Fortress Bourtange is that it's almost completely in its original state and offers many activities, like canon shooting for example, that take you by the hand on your exploration of the fortress and its history. Maybe not for the youngest, but [...] Continue reading about Fortress Bourtange.

Nederlands Stripmuseum

Discover comics in the Nederlands Stripmuseum in Groningen The Nederlands Stripmuseum (Dutch Comic Museum) in Groningen was opened in 2004 and welcomes everybody who loves comics, young and old. From the adventures of Donald Duck to unique Japanese comic styles are exhibited, even to the point of looking over the shoulder of a [...] Continue reading about Nederlands Stripmuseum.


Theme park Wonderwereld Theme park Wonderwereld (Wonder World) offers an adventurous trip in the province Groningen. A combination of fairy tail creatures, insectarium, subtropical greenhouse and birds of prey show. So much to discover on a day out! Walk past the sleeping dragons (sssshhhh....) to the magical castle [...] Continue reading about Wonderwereld.