Limburg (Maastricht) with kids

The hilly landscape in Limburg is where your kids will enjoy the many opportunities to climb and clamber around, as well as the many educational and active things to do.

From the Continium in Kerkrade to the Natuurhistorisch Museum (Natural History Museum) in Maastricht welcome you and your kids to the province. Discover all the fun things to do with kids in Limburg!

Drielandenpunt (Tripoint)

A day out with kids to the Drielandenpunt (Tripoint) The Drielandenpunt (the tripoint where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium come together) is definitely worth a visit with kids. First of all because of the experience of being in three countries at the same time. Something you just have to experience at least once. Next [...] Continue reading about Drielandenpunt (Tripoint).

Playground Fort Willem (Fortress Willem)

Hours of excitement at Playground Fort Willem A spooky garden, swimming pools, a seemingly endless number of climbing frames are only a few of the entertaining attractions at Playground Fort Willem (Fortress Willem). If you want to make sure your kids have a great day, head out to this playground in Maastricht [...] Continue reading about Playground Fort Willem (Fortress Willem).

Discovery Center Continium

A day of discovery at Discovery Center Continium with your kids For a playful, educational and adventurous day out you head over to the Discovery Center Continium in Kerkrade! Machines from the past and technology from the future offer you a unique opportunity to discover the role played by science in every day life. From a [...] Continue reading about Discovery Center Continium.

Natuurhistorisch Museum

Visit the National History Museum in Maastricht In the Natuurhistorisch Museum (Natural History Museum) in Maastricht there's actually a real Kids Museum during your day out. Like you can find on the website, it's an interactive museum with many fun puzzles and searches for kids between 8 and 12 years old. Here [...] Continue reading about Natuurhistorisch Museum.

Play Park Klein Zwitserland

Visit Play Park Klein Zwitserland with kids Play Park Klein Zwitserland (Little Switzerland) has something to offer for children of all ages. Like there is the Kleuterland (Toddler Land) with a fun playground for the little ones. Also Piratenland (Pirate Land) offers the opportunity to, while climbing and clambering, experience your own [...] Continue reading about Play Park Klein Zwitserland.