North Holland (Amsterdam) with kids

While Amsterdam and Haarlem are already known for the endless shopping opportunities and cultural highlights, there are also a lot of fun activities for kids to be found.

Besides the colorful playgrounds, quite a few of the museums offer fun and educational kids activities. From scavenger hunts to interactive exhibitions that stimulate the creative minds of your kids.

NEMO science center

Explore NEMO science center in Amsterdam Taking your kids to Nemo is an educational and fun experience they're sure to remember for a long time. The great thing about Nemo is that they organize a lot of activities that allow kids to participate, while they learn interesting things about science and [...] Continue reading about NEMO science center.

Playground Amstelpark

Visit Playground Amstelpark in Amsterdam with kids Specially for the little ones Amsterdam offers a fun playground near the city center. Enjoying fun activities surrounded by a green environment! From bumper cars to climbing frames and a petting zoo, you find all of it at the Speeltuin Amstelpark (Playground Amstelpark). With free [...] Continue reading about Playground Amstelpark.

EYE Filmmuseum

EYE Filmmuseum for movie fans in Amsterdam Already from the Central Station you can see the EYE Filmmuseum, opened in 2012. It's unique form and location directly at the waterfront of Amsterdam North makes it impossible to miss. For movie lovers this museum is the place to be with an extensive collection [...] Continue reading about EYE Filmmuseum.

Madame Tussauds

Meet celebrities in Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam Despite it sometimes being a bit busy to bring the youngest kids along, most have a great time exploring the many personalities immortalized in the wax statues in Madame Tussauds. Admittedly, standing next to Obama or Van Gogh is really quite a unique experience. Walk [...] Continue reading about Madame Tussauds.

Playground Linnaeushof

Enjoy Playground Linnaeushof during a day out with your kids The largest playground in Europe, Playground Linnaeushof, has to be the ultimate pick for your day out with your kids and rest assured that you'll need every minute of the day to see it all. From carousels to the mono rail, water bikes to the [...] Continue reading about Playground Linnaeushof.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

A day out to the The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Note: This venue is completely in Dutch and doesn't offer any translations to visitors. With a collection of Dutch movies, radio and television programs, a trip to the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) is an experience for [...] Continue reading about The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.