Overijssel with kids

The fun thing about the east part of the Netherlands is the abundance of nature. Nature for your kids to explore and run around in!

In addition, various locations like the Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner) stimulate their creativity while they can release their energy climbing through one of the playgrounds.

Animal Park Taman Indonesia

Visit Animal Park Taman Indonesia with your kids Your kids are sure to be fascinated by the exotic zoo Taman Indonesia and its diverse animals. Bearcats, Civets, Leopard cats and many more special creatures from Asia. Also the zoo regularly organizes activities for kids, inviting them to enjoy their day out even more. [...] Continue reading about Animal Park Taman Indonesia.

Indoor Playground Kids City

Enjoy a day out at Playground Kids City Playing around in the mega playground at Kids City, three stories high with no less than 50 rides, is something your kids will definitely enjoy on a day out. Next to that the kids can jump in the Kidsbios (Kid Cinema) for a movie, go [...] Continue reading about Indoor Playground Kids City.

Amusement Park De Waarbeek

Let your kids be entertained at Amusement Park De Waarbeek With all its rides, Amusement Park De Waarbeek in Hengelo is definitely a location to visit with the whole family for a fun day out. The rides include, among others, bumper cars, an alpine slide, a chairlift and a childrens' ferris wheel which are sure [...] Continue reading about Amusement Park De Waarbeek.

Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente

Visits Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente with your kids for a fun day out! During a trip to the Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente in Denekamp, nature is the central theme. Educational? That too. But that's after the entertaining part. See the world through the eyes of a variety of animals and discover, for example, what it is that night [...] Continue reading about Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente.

Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner)

Kids explore their creativity at the Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner) The Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner) offers your kids the opportunity to create and discover by themselves. A day out with locations from Amsterdam to Sittard. The creativity of kids is the central theme while they learn how to make everything from pictures to chips and stamps [...] Continue reading about Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner).

Recreation Park Het Hulsbeek

Relaxing in Recreation Park Het Hulsbeek Head over to the recreation park Het Hulsbeek in Oldenzaal for an abundance of recreational options for young and old. Like the play forest, the water playground and pole soccer spread over the extensive green area. In the summertime, your kids are sure to have [...] Continue reading about Recreation Park Het Hulsbeek.