South Holland (Rotterdam, The Hague) with kids

From Rotterdam to The Hague there are plenty of things to do for kids. For sure they’ll enjoy the below kids activities for hours.

Let the kids get out their and release their energy discovering wild animals in the zoo or scavenger hunting through museums.

De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop)

A creative day out at the De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop) with your kids At De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop) in The Hague, kids (4 years and older) can get wonderfully creative thanks to the many activities and experiments being offered. From building and launching rockets to building a dam in a river, changing a tire to making candles. And [...] Continue reading about De Kinderwerkplaats (Kids Workshop).

Rotterdam Zoo

Enjoy Rotterdam Zoo on a day out with your kids Rotterdam Zoo (in Dutch: Diergaarde Blijdorp) is a great place to enjoy a day out with kids. From tigers to rhinoceros, ice bears to piranhas, a visit to the zoo is like a journey around the world in the animal kingdom. Not just the animals [...] Continue reading about Rotterdam Zoo.

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam Situated at the Leuvehaven you find the Maritiem Museum (Maritime Museum) where you can come and explore, among others, the oldest ship model of Western Europe. A fun section for the kids is the area of Professor Plons who is about to make a trip [...] Continue reading about Maritiem Museum Rotterdam.


Museon in The Hague The Museon in The Hague is where you'll discover anything ranging from nature to culture and technique. This museum that was founded in 1904 has the fixed collection Jouw wereld, mijn wereld (Your world, my world) with such an enormous diversity that you'll certain have [...] Continue reading about Museon.

Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner)

Kids explore their creativity at the Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner) The Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner) offers your kids the opportunity to create and discover by themselves. A day out with locations from Amsterdam to Sittard. The creativity of kids is the central theme while they learn how to make everything from pictures to chips and stamps [...] Continue reading about Ontdekhoek (Discovery Corner).

Plaswijckpark 3-in-1 park

A day out with kids in Rotterdam to Plaswijckpark 3-in-1 park 3-in-1 park? Yes the Plaswijckpark happens to host a walking park, an animal park and a playground in one. And then there are still various options within the playground itself. Kids can play around with water in the Havenspeeltuin (Harbour Playground), learn how to be [...] Continue reading about Plaswijckpark 3-in-1 park.