Things to do in the Netherlands

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Beautiful Holland, with interesting old cities, unique nature and rich traditions is not always seen for all it is. Despite the fact that there is hardly anything average about it.

Things like the flatness of the country that lies below sea level and also the varied architecture in themselves already make a trip in the Netherlands worth the effort.

More than half of the Netherlands lies below sea level and is protected by an ingenious system of dykes, canals, windmills and dams. Exploring its rich history and ongoing battle with the water up close is only one of many things to do when visiting the Netherlands.

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Things to do in the Netherlands - Sightseeing Dutch villages

Traditional costumes in Dutch villageAnother dimension of the Netherlands makes it a great holiday destination. The short distances! Within only 2 or 3 hours you’re able to travel from east to west. From north to south takes you little over 4 hours by train.

The benefit of taking the train of course being the opportunity to have a view of the country side while in the meantime stopping at a variety of (large) cities.

The smaller cities like those around Amsterdam often offer a lot of tradition even though some of the costumes are mostly worn because they appeal to tourists.

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Things to do in the Netherlands - Cities to visit

Amsterdam itself, with its 17th century canals, is best visited by bike. While a lot can be reached by public transport, it is often the small streets where you stumble upon the gems of your trip.

When it comes to famous attractions like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, you’ve probably heard of those. But don’t forget to pay a visit to the hidden courts in the city centre like the Begijnhof (hof stands for court).

Also The Hague is a city that ought to be on your wish list. While it doesn’t always brustle with life in the news (The Hague being the political centre of the Netherlands), there are many beautiful buildings, museums and art ateliers you won’t find anywhere else.

When talking about Rotterdam, people often first mention the Port of Rotterdam and still there are many more sights to see than you can imagine.

Things to do in the Netherlands - Landscapes & parks

Explore Dutch nature on a day tripThe south of the Netherlands is where you find most of the pretty views when it comes to the country side. On the one hand a view of the sea while you’re standing in a meadow in the west. On the other hand the only hills you find in the Netherlands when visiting the eastern part. The cost of Zeeland (Sealand) and the area behind it are a sight to behold regardless of the season.

More in the direction of our eastern neighbors you find the province Limburg with of course Maastricht. It’s the only part of the country with real hills.

When you’re really looking for nature, be sure to visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park in the middle of the country nearby Utrecht. With numerous lakes and wild animals you can explore the park by foot or by bike. A surprising and interesting element in the park is the Kroller-Muller Museum with a world-renowned collection of mainly 19th and 20th century visual art.

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